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The requirement of packing for domestic market has to undergo various obstacles on the way. On one side the packing has to withstand in transit upheavals, on other side it has to take care of pilferage and theft elimination. Finally when it reaches the customer it should be presentable and with appropriate marking. Packing need to take care of the different characteristic of the product being packed. Similarly a large number of designs would mean carrying extra inventory of packaging consumables. Thus lesser number of designs and effective use of packing technology would greatly benefit domestic market packing requirement. DTS Logistics has supported customer in this concern with providing the extra facility at no cost.




An activity no more looked with disdain. Labeling requirement varies from country to country and market to market. It also needs to take into account requirement as per the local laws. At the corporate level this activity is beyond core-competence of the company profile. DTS has experience to undertake labeling of products and free companies to concentrate on their core functions. With vast experience of Twenty years in business, DTS has labeled products amounting to over 2 million rupees.




Can a product reach market without protective cover? Will a product be acceptable in market without wrapping? Will it be able to suppress temptation? Well the answer to this is known to all. No product is above temptation, all products are for ultimate consumption implicit and explicit to withstand vagaries of climate and intransit tremor need over wrapping. This step helps the product to sustain its identity till the consumption time. Some products and parts are stored for long time due to several factors like seasonal consumption, import restrictions, slower movement, use of vertical storage space. Shrink-wrapping helps in keeping the product dust free. It also holds parts, boxes together in case of vertical storage on an open pallet.



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